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Industrial Estate

Drone Services for Commercial Real Estate in Carolinas and beyond.

Aerial photography has long been a valuable tool in the commercial real estate market. However, these aerial views were once limited to expensive helicopter services and exclusive corporate listings. That was until the emergence of drone technology revolutionized the industry.

At Cool Breeze Aerial, we make photography and videography affordable to everyone. We bring the power of drone services for commercial real estate in North Carolina. Our state-of-the-art technology captures striking visuals that showcase your properties in a new light.

Showcase Your Building

Attract new tenants and clients with stunning aerial imagery highlighting your office building’s location, amenities, and beautiful surroundings. Our captivating marketing photos and videos showcase strong property management, feature beautiful landscaping, and create a tranquil environment that leaves a lasting impression.

Residential Apartment Building

Market Your Company

Elevate your company’s presence with engaging aerial drone footage that offers unique perspectives from previously unseen angles. Our high-resolution aerial and ground photos are ideal for brochures, framed pictures, and other creative marketing purposes. Whether you have a brand-new shopping center, office building, or commercial property, our professionally edited visuals will set you apart.

Presentation and Offering-Memorandum Ready

Impress investors and clients with compelling aerial videos and photos of your property’s location, access points, popular storefronts, and parking accommodations. Our comprehensive coverage captures all the essential details to enhance your presentations and offer memorandums.

Elevate Your Business Today

Transform your marketing content and enhance your brand with our exceptional drone video and photography services. Cool Breeze Aerial is here to elevate your business to new heights, capturing the essence of your events and showcasing your brand in a way that stands out. Contact us to experience the power of aerial imagery and take your business to soaring success.

Aerial solar panel and roofing inspections have become a huge time and money saver for customers. Cool Breeze Aerial services makes these inspections much more efficient and reduce the customers overhead and man-hours to get these tasks completed quickly and safe.

Building inspections involve a lot of different inspectors to cover things like exterior integrity, HVAC systems, roofing, and more. Cool Breeze Aerial Services is utilized as an all-in-one inspection service for your building’s inspection needs that will cover everything you need at a fraction of the price.

Drone Services for Residential Real Estate

Real estate professionals understand the power of offering an impressive visual experience. Aerial real estate photography is one of the most innovative and effective ways to attract clients.

Our skilled, professional drone operators capture stunning aerial photos and videos that highlight your property’s best features, from expansive views to intricate architectural details. Our high-resolution imagery provides potential investors with an immersive experience, offering a clear understanding of the property’s features, surroundings, and layout.

Large House With A Boat
Large Island

The Unique Benefits of Real Estate Aerial Photography and Videography

  • Give buyers a feel for the property and neighborhood
  • Offer comprehensive viewpoints of the building home
  • Showcase schools, stores, and other amenities nearby
  • Highlight yard, pool, patio, porch, and landscaping
  • Assure quality of the home exterior integrity
  • For agents, we create an MSL digital listing portfolio

Whether you’re a real estate agent, property developer, or homeowner, our drone services offer an array of benefits that enhance the marketing and presentation of your properties.

We can do indoor virtual tours to enhance your client’s experience.

Turn to Our Trusted Experts

Cool Breeze Aerial Solutions has a team of experienced, qualified, and licensed professionals to elevate your projects. From captivating aerial visuals to efficient inspections and marketing materials, our drone services for commercial real estate in North Carolina will help you stand out and achieve your goals.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Pricing

Cool Breeze Aerial provides affordable, quality aerial photography and videography. We have various packages to fit your needs and can work with you to find the right price and package for you!









Image Package


15 HDR Aerial Images
15 HDR Ground Images

Basic Package


12 HDR Aerial Images
12 HDR Ground Images
2 HDR (raw) Aerial Video
Pick two


Standard Package


10 HDR Aerial Images
10 HDR Ground Images
2 HDR (raw) Aerial Video

Advance Package


15 HDR Aerial Images
15 HDR Ground Images
3 HDR (raw) Aerial Video


Pro Digital Package

$1175 | $1475

Standard   Advance

Color Grading
Color Correction
*30—second Video Clip
with sound


Commercial Photo Package


5 HDR Aerial Images @ 50ft
5 HDR Aerial Images @ 300ft

Commercial Standard Package


5 HDR Aerial Images @ 50ft
5 HDR Aerial Images @ 300ft
5 HDR Ground Images

Commercial Premium Package


5 HDR Aerial Images @ 50ft
5 HDR Aerial Images @ 300ft
5 HDR Ground Images
*2 minute Video Clip with sound

*Additional cost after (1) revision

*Pricing may vary based on Location and Project requirements.

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