Aerial Drones Can Be A Valuable Tool For Our Neighborhood

Cool Breeze Aerial has recognized that advanced aerial drone technology can be a valuable tool for towns, communities, and neighborhoods. Drones can be used to perform labor-intensive, unsafe, and costly jobs and have proven very beneficial in achieving impressive content for marketing toward new home buyers.




Cool Breeze Aerial can assist Homeowners’ associations (HOAs) to conduct much more thorough surveillance while respecting people’s privacy. HOAs now can enforce rules more strictly and accurately with video evidence. We can quickly cover large districts of houses looking for unauthorized vehicles, decorations, exterior storage, illegal dock changes, ETC.

Asset Management

Municipalities are typically in charge of hundreds of individual assets. These structures and equipment must be kept track of and inspected regularly. Some of these inspections can be quite timely and dangerous to workers. Cool Breeze Inspection service can help minimize liability, prevent accidental property damage, and improve Inspector safety while saving time and money.


We all understand that marketing is vital to any industry, such as using aerial photography to advertise on websites and social media platforms. Promotional videos of a town’s layout and amenities portray the overall feel of the community and can be very beneficial in capturing potential home buyers’ attention.

Triple Ariel
The Enclave


Let Cool Breeze Aerials’ solution transform your operations through our state-of-the-art drone technology. Our licensed drone professionals will personally work with you to achieve your goals of becoming innovators in your respective fields.
Cool Breeze Aerials is the right partner to help you develop your desired solutions.

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